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CVT to fight the rural exodus of working children

Benimana Diane, Coordinator of CVT

Children Voice Today (CVT) is a non-governmental youth organization whose goal is to enable all children to enjoy the same rights, and is today engaged in the fight against the rural exodus of children fleeing their families. in search of work in urban areas.

The CVT organization, which is part of the international federation called “African Movements of Working Children and Youth” (AMWCY), currently operates in 15 Rwandan districts including Nyarugenge, Gasabo, Rusizi, Rubavu, Musanze, Bugesera, Gatsibo, Rutsiro, Huye, Nyaruguru, Ruhango, Muhanga, Burera, Kirehe, and Karongi. For its part, AMWC operates in 27 countries on the African continent.

Since 2015, the CVT organization has been interested in children working in households so that they can enjoy the same rights as other children.

Having started its activities in two administrative sectors of Nyarugenge District in the City of Kigali, VCT gave these children the benefit of learning various crafts, others were reintegrated into their families or those of their relatives for the purpose to enable them to return to school and to enjoy family affection.

With the help of the NGO “Save the Children International”, CVT is therefore committed to fighting the rural exodus of children in search of work in the city where most believe they find better living conditions, others are sent by their own parents or relatives who target their exploitation in various ways, including sexual exploitation.

At a press conference, Mpumuro Frderic, Inspector of Labor in Nyarugenge District, pointed out that the employers of these children have developed strategies that make it difficult to hunt them down, for example by inculcating these children to tell any stranger that are members of their family.

“It is up to an employer to have a 12-year-old child memorize his or her own ancestry and to reproduce it to any stranger who would improvise in search of child working in the household,” said Mpumuro.

Benimana Diane, coordinator of the NGO CVT, also added that their research has shown that many children are used as domestic workers.

“Domestic work is classified as work that hinders the integral development of the child, both physically and psychologically. It has been noted that some child laborers get up at 5am and go to bed at midnight the next day, “said Benimana Diane, CVT Coordinator.

For its part, the Ministry of Labor has pointed out that since 2015 it has already recovered 8,000 children formerly domestic workers, while more than 350 of their employers were arrested.

To date, about 22,2918  children are used in works across the country, of which 59,931 are equivalent to 41% doing housework, 5,1200 equivalent to 35.1% doing agricultural work, breeding and fishing, nearly 14,181 equivalent e 9.7% are building, while nearly 4888 equivalent to 3.3% work in mines and quarries.

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