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ICFM received License to Improve transport Service of Motorcycle Taxis in Rwanda.

Karanvir Singh receiving the Licence from Ndagijimana, Deputy CEO of RURA

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authorities (RURA) issues Intelligent Connected Fare Meter (ICFM) licence to improve transport sevice of Motocycle Taxis in Rwanda.Yegomoto is a technique that will make it easier for motorcycle taxi users and motorcyclists to avoid cash, but payment will be made with this new technology.


It is a very proud moment for Rwanda to be the first country in the word to have metered moto taxi service and that too with cashless payment for Moto Taxi rides.

“We proud to be the pioneer together with RURA, RNP and other stakeholder in Creating this word class project in Rwanda for Rwanda “explain Yego’s CEO Karanvir Singh.

“It has been a long journey, we have worked with RURA, RNP and other Stakeholders from 2016 to find out what were the real challenge to motorcycle industry; we conduct a detailed field survey for over one year that gave us a deep insight into to industry. We studied how Moto Taxi operate and their challenges then we came up with the concept of installing meter on all motorcycle.

“It is only with the continuous support of RURA, RNP and other Stakeholders that we have reacher where we are Today. We promised” Haggle Free Rides” and now we will be installing meters on all motorcycle in Rwanda. This will bring an end to haggling as we promised. We promised ”Hassle Free Rides” and we have brought  cashless payment to Moto Taxi; Even today can pay for a yegomoto with MTN Tap&Pay and soon the facility will be extended to Tico and Airtel as well. We will not stop there but we will also integrate with bank to provide seamless payment from their walllets and bank accounts” added CEO  Karanvir Singh.

“Today we are delighted to announce that YEGOMOTO has received a license from RURA to install Intelligent Connected Fare Meters on all motorcycle in Rwanda, we have been asked to complete this process in 9 months. As the ONLY Licensed ICFM Solution Provider we have promised to do our best to meet the challenge.

As you probably already know that RURA has new Motorcycle Taxi Regulation that makes it compulsory for every Moto Taxi to have an Intelligent Connected Fare Meter installed and to use it for every ride.

This ground breaking step by RURA is another first in the world and will ensure that Rwanda will be the fast-track to a cashless Economy as per the government vision”CEO further explained.

Yego Innovision Ltd/ Yego Moto

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