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“Akazi Kanoze Access” as a bridge between job seekers and employers

Participants at the workshop

The Organization “Akazi Kanoze Access” recently organized a workshop that brought together job seekers, employers, public institutions with jobs creation and donors to discuss the different challenges faced by job seekers and the opportunities to acquire job.
During this workshop, participants discussed together the achievements of the “Youth Match” Project initiated by “Akazi Kanoze Access” Organization in partnership with the German organization “GIZ”.

During the six months of the project, it was prepared and updated the various necessary elements required for a job seeker before he commits to it , and a facility for employer to acquire an employee who correctly fulfills his conditions (Job profiling).

Velence Twagizihirwe, Director General of “Akazi Kanoze Access” said that “updating the requirements for a particular job will enable young job seekers to prepare for it instead of engage in seek of a job they are unable to achieve. ”
“During this project which was just a test of a long program, the first exercise looked at the jobs that are generally coveted by youth, such as construction, ICT and Hospitality.

Byansi Eugene, an adviser to the GIZ project “Youth Match” stressed that this project has facilitated the meeting of different bodies that provides jobs to facilitate the youth to overcome the various challenges encountered and increase its chances of getting a job.

Akazi Kanoze Access workshop

For her part, Angela Rugo, in charge of following up on those who have already taken up employment within the “Akazi Kanoze Access” Organization, presented the various facilities available to the job seeker, while assuring himself that he will live up to his responsibilities.

She said that “when there is complete information, the job seeker improves his knowledge and has time to change some of his behaviors to meet the aspirations of the employer and easily acquire the job.”

MINIYOUTH representative at the workshop, Niwemukobwa Gloriose, praised the achievements of the “Youth Match “Project and asked that this program extend to several other jobs, inviting both youth to trust in themselves and still not waiting for job ads, but rather to be known too.

The “Akazi Kanoze Access” organization, which has existed since 2009, first existed as a project before becoming an NGO, and allowed a large number of young people to perfect their knowledge, some young people having acquired jobs while others are created.

During the six months of the “Youth Match” project, nearly 60 young people were trained while 15 organizations facilitated their meeting with job seekers.

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