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Collaboration between different bodies is required to eradicate violent extremism

Rebecca Besant, Director General of Research for Common Ground in East Africa.

While a violent extremism has taken place in many African countries in recent decades, best practices has proven to prevent and counter such violence requires the collaboration between Governance agencies, security forces, local leaders including traditional  and religious leaders, as well as civil society.

During a 2 days’ workshop held last weekend in Kigali, which brought together different ministries such as  Justice, Local administration, Defence, the National Police and other different organs and  public institutions ,  participants have chosen to focus on the establishment of preventive stratagies and best practices for countering  violent extremism in Rwanda.

As known, Rwanda has been able to restore the infrastructures and  the economy as well as the image of its  society deeply fractured by the genocide, but the country is not as much immunized against extremist ideologies which emerge from its interior or neighboring countries.

Research has shown that responding militarily to the rise of these extremisms is still not the right answer as this may exacerbate tensions and increase these violent extremisms with their groups.

According to Rebecca Besant, Director General of Research for Common Ground in East Africa, “youth as a group privileged in the enlistment in violent groups, it is necessary to fight unemployment within it for those who train them in acts violent do not find a breach “.

For Ndayambaje Jean Claude, Secretary General of JOC Rwanda, “to protect the youth of these groups ideologies of extreme violence, you have to give him professional training .”

For success of the project , Search will bring in an Expert from Kenya who was  involved in development of country CVE Action Plan  in Coastal Kenya as well as ongoing P/CVE programming related to criminal justice , community security and citizen engagement.

 Therefore, to seek together a preventive solution a project has been initiated and will be financed by the US Embassy under the theme “supporting and establishing preventive strategies and best practices for countering violent extremism in Rwanda”.

The project will provide support to the Government of Rwanda and its partners in developing a National Action Plan Countering Violence Extremeism (CVE) and strategies with technical assistance, best practices supported by lessons learned from the  regional situation .

The 2 days workshop from 19th to 20th april 2018 was attended by the Ministry of Justice , Ministry of Justice, Rwanda National Police, Ministry of Youth, National Public Prosecutors, Isange One Stop Center, Rwanda Correctional Services, Rwanda Investigation Bureau, National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, Institute of Legal Practices and Development, Local NGOs and CSOs, Youth Organization and Faith Based Organizations.

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