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20,000 reflectors soon installed on the roads of Kigali City

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In order to improve the safety on the roads of the country and to limit the number of accidents caused by skidding, 20 thousands ( 20,000)reflectors will be soon installed on the main roads of Kigali City  thus adding to those already existing.

While new roads are created day by day in Kigali City and old roads are constantly rehabilitated, the Infrastructure Department in Kigali City  reassures users of its roads that 20000 new reflectors will be installed.

According  to Eng Jean d’Amour  Rwunguko, Ag. City Engineer, the installation works will begin by the end of June 2018, and will be executed by  NPD Ltd Company under its project “Kigali City Roads maintenance”.

Nevertheless, Eng Rwunguko does not specify the cost of the works, but he indicated that “the service order has already been given to NPD ltd, and discussions on the cost will be conducted on the basis of the work plan”.

“However, it would also be difficult to specify the cost in advance because it’s an ongoing project and  for pre-existing roads, there are rehabilitations that will sometimes be necessary to do by plugging some holes for example, before installing the reflectors” he added.

The planned routes include the one from City center to Kigali International Airport, City center to Nyamirambo , City Center to Nyabugogo, and other roads in  the periphery of the city such as Gikondo and elsewhere.

Technically, says Eng. Rwunguko, the reflectors indicate the limits of the roads and their end as well as the presence of a traffic hump.

Eng Rwunguko considers that the reflectors serve not only as road indicators, but also add to the beauty of the city especially when they shine at night.

Regarding the reduction in the number of accidents since the installation of the reflectors began in the City of Kigali, he indicated that it is up to the National Police to give statistics, but this reduction is obvious and progressive.

Mutagoma James, a road user met at the Kigali City center Bus Station, said he is satisfied with the Kigali City initiative to install so many reflectors on the roads because, “This will significantly reduce the number of skids and I hope that this project will extend to the roads of all secondary cities of the country”He says,

“The reflectors are useful not only for local road users, but also for the usual non-users, particularly with regard to the presence of traffic hump, thus enabling them to reduce speed at his approach.” He added.

The Kigali City Engineer is urging road users to take care of pre-existing reflectors and new ones that will soon be installed avoiding tearing them off as some have done in the past.

The installation of the road reflectors in Rwanda is part of a vast program concerning the development of road infrastructures in the EAC, COMESA and SDC countries (road safety standards) concluded Eng. Rwunguko.

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