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Music & Dance: Will this persistent interpellation produce expected results?

In August 2018, the Pan-African Dance Festival FESPAD’s 10th edition was held in Kigali. FESPAD is a French acronym of Festival Panafricain de la Danse (Pan African Dance Festival), and happens every two years. Its overall objective is to promote the culture of peace through African traditional dances.

Countries like Burkina Faso, Congo, DRC, Rwanda, and Senegal participated in this edition. Folk groups performed in various locations throughout the country, including Musanze, Nyanza Rubavu and Rwamagana. Accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Sports and Culture, the artistes were hosted by local officials with many admirers and spectators. This event was also animated by Ministers of culture from the DRC and Burkina Faso.

During the event African musicians performed in Kigali in front of the many fans who were amazed by the performance. Among the celebrities was distinguished Ivorian artiste Alpha Blondy, a Congolese Zao Zoba, and a South African Yvonne Chaka Chaka and all of them seemed familiar with Rwandans who like music.

Zao Zoba, Congolese artist

In an interview, with the author of the very popular song “Ancien Combattant“, the celebrity said that the new generation of African singers is very dominated by foreign music, especially that of the United States of America. He mentioned that in the age of globalization this is inevitable. Zao Zoba argued that African artistes and admirers of music must remember that Africa has potential and heritage in music and dancing field. He further insisted that, we Africans are responsible for revitalizing this culture at whatever cost.

Mr. JMV Gatabazi, Governor of the Northern Province

For his part, in the same occasion, the Governor of the Northern Province Mr. Jean Marie Vianney GATABAZI whose voice was heard on Flash FM confirms the same facts, and said he is optimistic about the heritage. Indeed, he emphasized that with the re-institutionalization of ITORERO by the President of the Republic of Rwanda, a practical solution to this problem has been identified because the young people who undergo the training are instructed in this matter. Furthermore, the governor stressed that this should not in any way replace the incessant role of parents in retransmitting and perpetuating this legacy like the grandparents.

« It takes to be both ancient and modern, speak according to the tradition and also speak according to our sensitivity». Paul VI


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