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Pax Press in partnership with Red Cross Rwanda and Belgium Embassy to strengthen Journalists information about Ebola Virus Disease

Thursday  29 November 2018, PAX PRESS, the Rwandan journalist network  to promote peace, human rights, and democracy in Rwanda in partnership with  Rwanda Red Cross and  Belgium Embassy,  has organized a training of journalists from various media operating in Rwanda on the report on the Ebola virus. This training focused on the prevention and on how to prevent its spread in Rwanda, even if today it does not prevail here, but is in the neighboring country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr Alain ZIMULINDA, one of trainers said that media are the central pillar to inform on diseases that can lead to the loss of life so that people can resolve to protect themselves.

He understand that “Media is big bridge to inform people about any diseases which could infect many instantly and cause death; we could maintain partnership in order to give people real information about Ebola virus disease, surveillance and contact tracing”. The Ebola virus is contracted very easily and it is for this raison that media should acquire knowledge in order to disseminate reliable information to help the community he says.

“We improve media skills for health especially in emergency diseases for improving their information so that we could work on the same standard of understanding in different health emergencies. Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is a severe infection often fatal illness in human and primates; this is the reason to train media for reporting real and trustful information to let people know what confidential reports” added Dr ZIMULINDA.

The Group of Participants

Many of trained journalists admitted benefiting from this training as there are things they do not understand well about the Ebola virus. After this training, they committed to working with the Red Cross Rwanda for outreach in order to stem this epidemic.

Umwiza Rachel,  Participant Journalist Said ” I get big package about Ebola, I didn’t know important information about it before and now after, I’m going to report and convince people about Ebola situations, the ways of preventing and preparedness of this disease. I appreciate Pax Press and Red Cross Rwanda to think deeply for improving media information standard in this area of health” said Umwiza Rachel.

Ebola virus disease first appeared in 1976 in Nzora in Sudan and at Yambuku in DRC near the Ebola River in Africa. Its outbreak is happening in North Kivu in DRC near Rubavu District of Rwanda (370 km to Goma).

Its symptoms of infected which people may experience are: chills, dehydration, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, malaise or sweating diarrhea, vomiting blood. This encourages everyone who gets these symptoms to have emergency preparedness and instantly health consultant.

Ebola virus disease situation in DRC on Wednesday 28 November 2018 proved that there were 422 people cases of EVD where 375 persons were confirmed and 47 on probably as mentioned on DRC ministry of Health twitter official handle.

Even if is not known in Rwanda, people must have strong management of preparedness and conservative protection of Ebola virus disease in the way of preventing contamination from surrounding countries where are in outstanding like DRC.


By Jean Aime Desire IZABAYO


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