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YVC2018: RVCP in promoting youth stake in zero new HIV infection in Rwandan villages

In conference of two days “Youth for Village Conference” (YVC2018), on 15th to 16th December 2018 by youth students organization “Rwanda village community promoters” (RVCP), increased youth knowledge on HIV/AIDS, its effects on people’s lives and how to prevent it.

Medical doctor and Lecturer in university of Rwanda Dr Richard Nduwayezu feels that the access of protecting and preventing youth from HIV/AIDS infection are still challenging.

He said: “There are many issues that could make people to be infected by HIV/AIDS, especially for youth like social determinant of life as poverty that may cause youth changing behaviors to intervene in sexual activities and unsafe sex, whether no enough access for the young people in reducing the risk of, and protecting against HIV infection. In universities we do not only teaching but also we give them information that could help youth to protect and prevent any disease and go away of what could affects their life like prostitution, drugs etc..” Said Dr Richard.  

Prof Philip Cotton Vice Chancellor in University of Rwanda, Says “We are building young awareness about HIV information, so that will have knowledge for protecting their selves from disease infection, we are trying to increase youth knowledge on it and the ways to prevent in Universities”

“We provide the access to protect and prevent for who need it, and encouraging youth to test their health standard so that to build their future life awareness” He added.

Prof Philip Cotton and Dr Richard Nduwayezu

The participants’ youth agreed that the lack of information and access of prevention as the causes of HIV spreading in the youth for Rwandan village. And are now moving forward to inform others who didn’t participate.

Joella Yarantabaye, youth student participate Said: “We learned more from conference, we have got informed about HIV prevention and protecting our selves, the lack of information about productive for youth is an issue that we faced on, so I will contribute for young people in village to let them know relevant information on HIV/AIDS prevention and protecting from infection”.

The organizers of event expected and looking forward the great changes on young people and country youth development with healthy.

Giraneza Uwantege Christelle, is capacity building and research officer of RVCP, Said: “we are expecting great results of this conference, because we are improving youth knowledge on HIV/AIDS, its effects on their lives and how to prevent it in village and also increasing knowledge needed for the youth to take action in the fight against it”, She said.

  YVC2018 – Participants Group

Rwanda village community promoters (RVCP), is youth students organization with multidisciplinary programs, includes; HIV/AIDS prevention and family planning program, income generation, initiative program, maternal health programs, women and girls empowerment programs, hygiene and water sanitation programs and all those works in village communities.

By Jean Aime Desire IZABAYO


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