Tuesday , January 28 2020
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About Us

The Partner Magazine is a socio-economic periodic from Rwanda – East Africa Community; publishing socio-economic development and business analysis in the country and in the region. It is published by The Partner Media Ltd, and is registered by the Media High Counsel.




A Leading Media Organ enhancing public awareness and support socio-economic collective efforts through local communities’ participation and exchanges in Rwanda and East Africa.




Contribute to the promotion of a constructive environment that offering peoples to enjoy their participating role in local and regional integrated development issues, by information, instruction and discussion. This includes encouraging local initiatives, display news opportunities and learning from each other experiences.




  • Promoting socio-economic best practices exchanges between local communities at national and EA level;
  • Tracking local success and main achievements in the framework of EDPRS II & SDG strategies implementation process and disseminate them;
  • Supporting communities’ awareness rising process in relation with public policies making and implementation process;
  • Encouraging development initiatives based on home grown initiatives and inspired by local values and cultures.


For further details, observations, comments, dedications or suggestions on any specific issue that you would like to be discussed in the upcoming magazine’s issue, email us on: thepartnermag@gmail.com